What to Look For in Replacement Windows (Slideshow)

Wanda Angel is Door & Window Brand Manager for ProVia

By Wanda Angel

The world is full of replacement windows. For a homeowner (or even a dealer or contractor), the choices can be overwhelming. What should you look for when shopping for replacement windows, to make sure you’re getting the most from your investment?

Innovations in Performance and Style

Most homeowners want it all: stylish quality, energy efficiency and low maintenance. At ProVia we’ve created each of our replacement window series to provide market-leading innovations that deliver on these selection criteria. Our revolutionary Aeris Wx1000 series windows combine a real wood interior with a low-maintenance vinyl exterior to provide stylish quality without the hassle. To enhance energy efficiency, our ComforTech™ Glass Glazing options can provide an R-value up to 9, giving them a window that meets the qualifying U-factor criteria for an ENERGY STAR® rated window in their climate zone. And our Inspirations Art Glass can make your replacement windows into colorful, unique works of art.

“Professional Class” Replacement Windows

ProVia is unique in the marketplace because we cater to customers who demand a high degree of quality, service and customization. To describe this unique perspective we refer to our products as “Professional Class.” As a first step in your selection process, view this slideshow to get a quickie tour of ProVia’s replacement window options that reflect the Professional Class approach. We hope this will give you some ideas about “what’s out there” and help you get the best value for your dollar.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2019