ProVia semi truck photo taken by a ProVia truck driver
Photo courtesy of Jeff Schlabach, a ProVia truck driver for 22 years.

Why We Have a Strong “Truck Culture”

April 20, 2022
Our truck fleet allows us to maintain more control over on-time deliveries, and helps ensure products reach their destination in good condition.

Recently I attended a community planning session involving various local officials, and one of the attendees shared some impressions with me. “I really like ProVia,” she commented. “I notice your trucks driving through town all the time. And you know, I have yet to find a spot of dirt on any of them!” We all laughed of course, but this was a very interesting observation. It’s true, our ProVia truck drivers really do take great care of their trucks and take pride in caring for them. And, I must admit, I think we have a strong “truck culture” here, and for two good reasons: we find this to be one of the most effective means of delivering great customer service, and also a way to take extra care and portray ProVia in the best positive light.

Helps Achieve Customer Service Goals

Our truck fleet allows us to maintain more control over on-time deliveries, and helps ensure products reach their destination in good condition. According to Wyman Miller, ProVia’s Director of Logistics for our Door, Window & Stone Fleet, “A private fleet allows us to achieve our Customer Service goals better than any other transportation method.”

A private fleet allows us to achieve our Customer Service goals better than any other transportation method.

Side view of a Provia semi truck cab as the truck drives down a road at sunrise
Our truck fleet helps ensure that products reach their destination on time and in good condition.

This is just one more example of how ProVia cares for details, while at the same time showing respect for our dealers. If we ship via common carrier, and they receive a damaged product, this can be a tricky situation because typically the installation is already scheduled with the homeowner. To make matters worse, sometimes the homeowner has already taken a vacation day to be present during a particular time window. We deliver on our own trucks to minimize challenges that can set off a cascade of frustrating circumstances.

Projects a Positive Image

Our new truck garage is outfitted with a wash bay and crew of truck wash professionals, so our vehicles can consistently portray a pristine image. However, once we got the wash bay up and running, a funny thing happened. Some of the drivers are so connected with their trucks and the image they project, they insist on doing the washing themselves. They devote themselves to a high standard and want the truck to look sharp and professional at all times.

One driver, Jeff Schlabach, was so enthralled with his truck he purchased his own chrome accents to really make a statement! Since then, he goes by the nickname “Chrome-y” and was celebrated for logging a million safe miles on one single truck. That’s his current truck in the photo above, proudly photographed by Jeff himself in all its glory.

Providing the Comforts of Home

Every driver who delivers ProVia doors and windows is assigned a late-model truck (average vehicle age is 2-3 years) complete with features like satellite radio and refrigerator to provide conveniences that make this their home away from home. Standard delivery schedules are created to ensure drivers can be home with their family every weekend. Drivers have face-to-face interaction with their dispatchers which allows relationships to be built. This means the driver is never truly alone when out there on the road.

Great Dealer Relationships

ProVia truck drivers have great relationships with many of our dealers. In fact, some dealers give them keys to their buildings so, in case it’s after-hours, they can still get in and unload. That’s a high level of trust that can only come from a relationship of mutual respect. There are customers that allow our truck drivers to park in their parking lot overnight because finding a good spot can pose a challenge for over-the-road drivers.

Customers Become Family

For many of our customers, our drivers are the face of ProVia. They tend to form special bonds with our customers and get to know each other like family. If a regular driver is off on any given week, we’ll often get phone calls asking if that person is OK. When medical issues arise drivers receive calls and get-well cards from customers who truly care about them like family.

It all comes down to a culture of caring at ProVia. We care about our products, we care for our customers like family, and we care for our drivers, who bring this spirit to life as they take ProVia on the road. Thank you ProVia truck drivers for all you do…you do it so well!

Joe Klink, Executive Director of Corporate Engagement at ProVia

Joe Klink

Executive Director of Corporate Engagement


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