Sun and Brains – Tapping into the Power

Larry Troyer is CFO for ProVia

By Larry Troyer

Being in the business of making energy-efficient doors, windows and vinyl siding, we ask ourselves: is there more we can do to conserve earth’s natural resources?

Earth’s Bounty of Natural Energy

I’m told that enough sunlight falls on the earth every minute to meet the entire planet’s energy demands for an entire year. God gave us the sun and the wind, and the brains to harness them. So much clean, powerful energy, all around us! Yet, as a global community, we’re barely tapping into these resources. At ProVia, we decided to put our heads together with a company named Paradise Energy Solutions to figure out what kind of technology could help us to tap into the power of the sun.

Solar Panels atop ProVia's Facilities


Solar, in Ohio?


Initially we wondered, could solar work for our facilities in Ohio? Paradise did an evaluation and helped us understand how much energy solar panels can produce based upon our specific location, the angle of the roof, where the sun comes over the hill, how long it will be there, and the number of cloudy days in our area of Ohio. We learned that newer panel technology offers better cell structure and wiring technology that actually does pick up energy during cloudy weather, although not as efficiently as when they’re in full sunlight. But it works. And for those who are wondering, if the panels are snow covered, no power can be collected. But because of the color and angle of the panels, if the sun hits them, the snow dissipates quite rapidly.

The Only Right Thing To Do

As we all know, in addition to resource considerations, rising energy costs are a fact of life too, and we want to make sure we manage this as responsibly as possible. Today we’re pleased to report that we’ve completed the installation of solar panels at our three local facilities here in Ohio. Here are the results we’ll achieve:

  • Lower energy costs over the long haul
  • Maintain cost efficiencies for our customers
  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Conserve natural resources

Taking into consideration our initial investment, the energy produced by the panels, and various incentives, the system will pay for itself in three to four years. More important than that, we think it’s the right thing to do.

Caring for Details Means Caring for the Environment

We at ProVia are committed to environmental stewardship and we embrace renewable energy whenever it makes sense. Our energy-efficient doors, windows and vinyl siding are a great way for all of us to conserve natural resources. Now we’ve taken this a step further. All of this goes along with ProVia’s mission statement “To serve, by caring for details in ways others won’t.” Caring for details of the environment is just one more way we fulfill that mission.

We’re sure many of our readers share this mission. Feel free to comment and share the ways you’re caring for the environment too.

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Guest - mark shalenko on Sunday, 17 February 2013 23:09

I really like this story and this company.

I really like this story and this company.
Guest - Donna Martell on Tuesday, 19 February 2013 11:46

I agree! Great article and a great company!

I agree! Great article and a great company!
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