Soft & Charming House Exterior Color Combinations

June 18, 2021
Soft and Charming Color Palette
When it comes to choosing siding colors, green may not be an option that immediately comes to mind. Green is often paired with whites and beiges, and while those colors coordinate nicely, they tend to create a muted effect. In the Soft & Charming exterior color palette, however, the combination of black and green takes the palette to a whole new level of sophistication.

Classic and stately, a COAL BLACK Legacy™ Steel entry door looks striking against SAGE super polymer vinyl siding. Just as Spanish moss complements the darkness of the tree branches it adorns, sage brings balance and warmth to the blacks and grays in this exterior house color combination.

Cool IRONSTONE slate metal roofing counters the warm tones in the Sage siding, as do the neutral gray tones in TUNDRA EDGE CUT™ manufactured stone. Additionally, black grout applied to the stone adds a punch of contrast and maximizes the impact of the black door. WHITE Harbor Mill™ Shake and Shingle and window trim look clean and crisp against the Sage siding.

If you’re curious how this Soft & Charming house exterior color combination might look on your home, try the ProVia Visualizer. We used one of the sample homes available in the tool, choosing the following products:

Door: Legacy Steel Door in Coal Black

Primary Siding: CedarMAX® D6″ Siding in Sage

Accent Siding: Harbor Mill Shake and Shingle in White

Stone: Tundra Edge Cut

In our sample home, we also chose black trim accents on the gables and porch railing, which provides additional contrast and curb appeal. 

View our Palettes page in the Design Center for other house exterior color combinations.

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