New Website Shares ProVia’s Expertise in “Home Exterior Design”

June 16, 2022
Brian Miller shares details about ProVia’s new website, which represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey to the future of serving customers and the industry.

Many homeowners feel a bit overwhelmed when they start an exterior home design remodeling project because it can be difficult to make design decisions with confidence that the finished product will look great. And we all want great, don’t we?

Making Great Product Choices for Exterior Home Design

We’re not all designers nor do we all have access to the right tools or experience to make tasteful choices in terms of colors, styles, architectural continuity, etc. There’s a huge need in the marketplace for expert assistance with making great product choices when it comes to building products for the home.

Welcome to the NEW

We are pleased to share with you that ProVia has recently unveiled a new website at that’s designed to fill this gap and help homeowners create the home exterior of their dreams, without the usual angst or guesswork. This innovative online destination provides free interactive tools and resources homeowners can use to preview design choices, collect favorite looks, and assemble a distinctive “Exterior Home Design.” This truly represents a groundbreaking step forward for our industry, reaching beyond product manufacturing into supporting customers during their product selection process.

You can get a good summary of what the site entails by viewing our recent press announcement. Or feel free to jump right in and start exploring the new website on your own. We highly recommend starting with our new Design Center, where you’ll find a wide variety of resources including product “Configurators”, Visualizers, Vision Boards, Color Palette groupings, “most popular ProVia products”, and more. You can also create your own free account using My Portfolio to save, share and select your favorite products (this feature is already very popular!).

ProVia’s Unique “Home Exterior Design” Advantage

As you may be aware, ProVia’s current product lineup encompasses nearly all the materials used on the exterior of the home, including doors, windows, siding, stone and roofing. Manufacturing this broad array of products gives us an advantage when it comes to exterior home design because we can create harmonious groupings when it comes to colors and styles. This means that, for example, when we’re coming up with a new shade of gray for our siding, we make sure we have complementary colors available in our stone and roofing.

Creating a Beautiful House-Scape

We decided to take this advantage and pass along our insights to our customers so they can benefit from our design expertise. I refer to the whole process of creating the right mixture of colors, textures and materials creating a “house-scape”, much like what you’d think of when selecting the right trees, shrubs, and flowers for your yard to come up with a beautiful, inspiring landscape.

The Premier Building Products Manufacturer

At ProVia, the Vision for our company is to be the premier building products manufacturer, providing unmatched quality and service. This new website was created with the intention of going above and beyond simply producing building materials and giving homeowners the resources they need to make design choices that will bring them joy and help them express their personal style and individuality.

More Exciting Stops in Our Journey Going Forward

This represents a significant milestone in ProVia’s journey to the future of serving our customers and our industry. I want to personally thank everyone on our team who contributed their expertise, creativity, and ingenuity to bringing this innovative new website to market. We’ve been on a consistent journey of growth to reach this milestone, and we’ve come a long way to get here. Stay tuned, because we envision more exciting stops in this journey going forward.

Start Designing

Visit our all-new Design Center to start creating the home exterior of your dreams!

Brian Miller

President and CEO


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