When homeowners are looking at manufactured stone for their home, it's all about...the stone! But you can also add a lot of design drama with the right choice of grout color. A good manufactured stone installation can become GREAT when adding colored grout. What kinds of color choices should you consider? Here's a simple guide to help you choose just the right "grout personality" that reflects your personal style.

Sophisticated and Elegant

For an understated, elegant look, match the grout color with the dominant color shadings in the manufactured stone (shown below is Chesapeake Ledgestone with white grout).

This is a subtle-but-sophisticated choice, for those whose tastes run conservative. The lady of the house might think of this like pearls for a little black dress – always appropriate; always in style.

Chesapeake Ledgestone with White Grout

Bold and Dramatic

This high-style look brings bold drama to the home. The key here is to choose a grout color that's the exact opposite of the stone color. With light stone, use dark grout, and with dark stone use light grout.

The effect is eye-popping, and shows off the shapes and textures of the manufactured stone. This attention-getter is for those who NEVER want to blend in with all the rest.

Chesapeake Ledgestone with Gray Grout

Rustic and Earthy

This grout color choice blends both of the approaches above, and reflects the array of earthy colors found in nature. In the photo below, the wide range of shadings in Seneca Drystack manufactured stone sets the stage. Choose a grout color that matches one of these shades, and it will naturally contrast with the others.

For nature lovers and those who appreciate the full spectrum of rustic earthy tones, this is a perfect choice.


Seneca Drystack with Brown Grout


For a pulled-together look, weave a matching color choice throughout the various elements of the home's exterior. In the house photo below we're showing Seneca Drystack with brown grout color in a shade that matches the brown in the Timberbay shake and the HeartTech siding, the front entry door and the garage door.

This look reflects a designer aesthetic, providing instant curb appeal. Just like a well-coordinated suit, shirt and tie, this look projects confident quality.


It’s All About the Details

At ProVia, we serve by caring for details in ways that others won't. We hope these ideas for choosing grout colors will help you polish up the details of your home with style.

What’s YOUR grout personality? Comment below and let us know!