Cozy & Quaint Exterior Color Scheme

November 4, 2022
Warm earth tones meet vibrant Burnt Orange in this autumn-inspired exterior palette

The vibrant tones of autumn demand attention. Leaves display fiery reds, brilliant oranges, and glowing yellows as they  complement bright blue skies and reflect on glassy lakes. The quieter tones of fall are also worth enjoying, from the golden hues of crops before harvest to the dewy morning fog that softens a sunrise. ProVia’s Cozy & Quaint exterior color scheme was inspired by fall’s combination of bold colors and warm earth tones. But unlike the fleeting brilliance of autumn, this color palette can be enjoyed year round. 

Bold, yet welcoming and down to earth, a BURNT ORANGE Legacy™ Steel entry door with clear glass and external grids pairs nicely with neutral SANDALWOOD super polymer vinyl siding. The combination of these two colors in this exterior color scheme is as comforting as a pumpkin spice latte on that first brisk fall morning.

Combining a tasteful blend of reds, browns, and grays, COLORADO Dry Stack manufactured stone unites the orange tones of the door with the beige of the siding, while LINEN Shake and Shingle adds a light, airy touch, like a dollop of fresh whipped cream on pumpkin pie. 

Creating depth in this exterior color palette are the rich tones of BRIARWOOD shake metal roofing and CLASSIC BRONZE painted windows. These darker tones help give this exterior color scheme balance and contrast. 

If you’re curious how this Cozy & Quaint house exterior color scheme might look on your home, visit the Envision section of our Design Center to try out the ProVia 2D Visualizer. We used one of the sample homes available in the tool, choosing the following products:

Door: Legacy Steel Entry Door in Burnt Orange

Primary Siding: HeartTech® Double 5″ Vinyl Siding in Sandalwood

Accent Siding: Harbor Mill™ Shake & Shingle in Linen

Stone: Dry Stack Colorado

Roofing: Shake Metal Roofing in Briarwood

Want to see more house exterior color schemes? Be sure to visit the Palettes section of our Design Center for additional palettes.

ProVia Marketing Creative Team

ProVia’s Marketing Creative Team includes a diverse group of creative individuals who specialize in graphic design, photography, creative writing, multi-media design and development, and professional home exterior design. Together, they are using their talents to help develop and evolve ProVia’s home exterior design solutions initiative.


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