Entry Doors and Replacement Windows: The Best-Kept Secret

Wanda Angel is Door & Window Brand Manager for ProVia

By Wanda Angel

Early this morning, I was driving down the road taking my dog to the vet before heading in for work. I felt a rush of happiness as I looked at the explosion of summer colors around me! Right now the lush green backdrop of trees is splashed with flowers in every color in the rainbow. I was struck by the incredible power of color to attract attention and breathe fresh beauty into everything.

Summer is also a time when people are sprucing up their homes and working to maximize their curb appeal. So I wondered, do people know there’s a unique way to add color to entry doors and replacement windows that lasts year-round?

Add splashes of color with Inspirations Art™ Glass

Best-Kept Secret for Color – Revealed!

When you think about your entry doors and replacement windows, do you think about color? You can easily add color with our Inspirations Art™ Glass, and this is the best-kept secret I’d like to share with you. Most people spend time thinking about the finishes and framing, and that’s a great start. But what about the glass? Here’s where you can add splashes of color, just like planting flowers adds beauty to the green backdrops in nature. Inspirations is available for ProVia’s entry doors, storm doors, patio doors, sidelites and replacement windows, and we have lots of designs you can choose from.

Inspirations Art™ Glass, truly unique works of art

Artistic in Nature

Inspirations Art Glass is unique because the designs come from hand drawn sketches done by our in-house team of artists. These are truly unique works of art. I have the pleasure of being a part of this team, and it’s so fun and rewarding! Once the designs are complete, the production process combines the latest technology in CNC resin bead application with the personal touch of hand-applied color fills. This offers homeowners a lot of character plus the privacy attributes of stained glass, at a more affordable price. With four bead colors, five harmonized color palettes for the fill, along with the ability to design custom color combinations, the design choices are extensive.

The Harbor design is very popular with homeowners

Recently we did a project where we developed a series of nautical designs, because we had many customers requesting this motif for waterfront-area homes. As we produced sketches, we worked with our sales team, showing them the designs. Finally we narrowed it down to the three most-sought-after designs: a lighthouse, a ship’s wheel and a Texas star. The lighthouse design, which we call Harbor, has been a HUGE hit for ProVia already.

So Rewarding

The ROI for investing in the products like entry doors and replacement windows is really strong right now, as discussed in Phil Wengerd’s blog post “Lots of Good News for Home Remodeling.” This makes perfect sense to me, since people respond to curb appeal so strongly. If you’re thinking about new doors or windows for your home, take advantage of the chance to add color! Your home will stand out with originality and character, and will thrill you every day, in any season.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2019