Door and Window Marketing: What Matters Most?

Wanda Angel is Door & Window Brand Manager for ProVia

By Wanda Angel

For our door and window dealers, marketing is not necessarily your core business. But it sure is necessary FOR your business – if you want to thrive and grow. Marketing is as important as writing the utility check to your electric company every month. If you don’t pay your electric bill, you don’t get electricity. If you don’t market your company, you won’t see sales growth.

And things have gotten so much more complicated over the past few years with the profusion of potential marketing channels (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email, etc.) you can use. Even just social media has quickly evolved into nearly a full time job for a marketing person (or business owner). For our purposes here, I won’t advocate one channel or the other – they all have their usefulness. But I do want to talk about one thing that matters more to your marketing effectiveness than which channel you choose – and that’s consistency. Here are some helpful tips to think about, and ask yourself: am I building momentum with my marketing investments, or am just I shooting stray bullets into the wilderness?

Your Core Message: The Foundation Upon Which All Else is Built

First things first: the foundation must be built, and your marketing foundation is your core message. Ideally your message will be based on research with your door and window audience and internal stakeholders. Find out what the needs are, and how your company uniquely fills those needs. Query your sales force, your installation departments, and your customers. Then, compile the information and bring it to key stakeholders in your company where you can distill it down. We did this exercise here at ProVia, so I’ll use this as an example.

We have a couple of core messages, but the main one is “The Professional Way.” This means that we’re a leading manufacturer of professional-class exterior home products (including doors and windows) and the “professional-class” part reflects our company’s high levels of quality, service and customization. That’s what we do, and that’s what our customers want. So we make sure we spotlight this in every possible marketing channel.

Professional Way uses

1 in 20,000

Why is a consistent message so important? As the dissemination of information has exploded in recent years, today we see estimates that a single individual can be exposed to anywhere from several hundred to 20,000 marketing messages per DAY. And, while your message may be very important to you, for your audience this gets mixed in with billboards along the highway, packaging labels in grocery stores, scores of daily emails, and sponsored ads on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. The only way to break through all this clutter is with…consistency.

Repetition Yields Repeat Sales

So we understand the importance of consistency in the branding of your company, but how does this translate into door and window sales for your business? Let’s say you’ve integrated your core message throughout your entire organization, not just your marketing. This could include things like:

  • Investing in samples and displays that depict your core message along with the product you sell.
  • Investing in your employees and helping them understand how to “walk and talk” your core message and be a brand ambassador for your company.
  • Investing in your customers: calling them to find out how the job was done, if they were satisfied, and if they would recommend you to others (if there were problems, this might be a golden opportunity to learn how you can improve your service AND solve their problem to create a happy customer). This all boils down to your customers experiencing your core message, not just seeing it.
  • Investing in advertising, updating your website, and using direct marketing tools.
  • Investing in your community by getting involved in charitable projects that shine a spotlight on your company. (ProVia’s Sammy the Star educational program provides an easy way for you to get involved, you can read more about this in our press release.)

What is your return on these investments? With consistency, you’ll achieve a snowball effect, and ultimately your reward is repeat business and referrals.

It might seem intimidating to think about getting your message out, but remember, ProVia is here to help you grow your business. We have several marketing tools that can be used as great vehicles to easily express your message consistently in your marketplace.

What matters most in your door and window marketing? Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts, we’d love to hear your ideas.

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Thanks for the tips!

Thanks for the tips!
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You are quite welcome!
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