Donut Holes, Coloring Books & Energy Efficient Door Manufacturing

Chris Nolt is Testing & Certification Engineer for ProVia

By Chris Nolt

What do donut holes, foam-filled sliding glass patio doors and coloring books have to do with energy efficient door manufacturing? These are just some of ProVia’s innovations that have recently earned us a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2013 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year award.

ProVia’s ENERGY STAR® Checklist

For this award, the EPA looks for outstanding contributions in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by manufacturing energy-efficient doors and educating consumers about energy efficiency. Here are some of the achievements that demonstrate ProVia’s leadership in manufacturing ENERGY STAR entry doors and patio doors.

WX9600 Extrusion

1. Product Qualification on the Rise

ProVia continues to expand our ENERGY STAR qualified product offering. We increased our number of ENERGY STAR qualified door packages in 2012 by 7.4%.

We added insulating foam-filling technology to our WX9600 series vinyl sliding glass patio doors, improving thermal performance. Rather than using traditional expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, ProVia uses BASF’s superior insulating Neopor® EPS foam with graphite to further lower the frame u-factor.

2. Taking Extra Care with Product Labeling

Typically, the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) and ENERGY STAR information on the door matrix label is confusing, and is often misinterpreted by consumers. ProVia is the only major entry door manufacturer that prints a custom, color NFRC/ENERGY STAR label for every product. This label contains only one set of NFRC data, with the ENERGY STAR qualification clearly represented.

3. Training Numbers Skyrocketing

In 2012 we trained salespeople at 89% of our dealer locations, a 62% increase over 2011. This sales force helps homeowners to understand the value of superior energy efficient entry doors and patio doors.

ProVia also offers a two day Installer Certification Program to teach proper door installation and sealing. A quality installation and weathertight seal are critical to the performance of an energy efficient door. In 2012, we trained 59% more installers than in 2011.

Coloring Book

4. Consumer Education: s and Calculators

In 2012, ProVia launched a children’s educational campaign to show young consumers how to save energy and be environmentally responsible. ProVia accomplishes this through an in-school educational program and our Sammy the Star children’s educational coloring book, both a huge success. Dealers are finding this is a great way to keep children entertained in the showroom.

While the kids are coloring and learning about energy efficiency, parents can use our online Thermal Performance Calculator to find energy efficient products.

5. Those Donut Holes

Many entry doors have an opening cut into the slab to install insulated glass. Most manufacturers send this cutout to a landfill, but not ProVia. We send the larger steel cutouts to manufacturers that reuse them to build insulated sheds. Check out these photos of one of the manufacturer’s sheds. The remaining cutouts that can’t be reused are recycled into scrap steel. Donut holes should never go to waste, and neither should entry door cutouts!

What do you think about energy efficiency – is it more important than ever? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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