The Transformative Power of Caring

At ProVia, business is a part of life and life skills are an important part of our business. ProVia President Brian Miller recently shared some soul-searching thoughts about life skills with our team, featured here in this video. He focuses on two key ingredients needed to transform a skill we all use every day.

Brian’s insights spotlight ProVia’s mission of “serving by caring” – in ways you may not expect. Check out this quick presentation to learn:

Two simple skills that provide immediate beneficial impact in every aspect of your life Two simple action steps that ignite professional and personal transformation

This presentation gave us an a-ha moment, how about you? Feel free to share your thoughts below. We’re listening.

Enjoy this thought-provoking video featuring Brian Miller, President of ProVia
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Installation Tips that Prevent Callbacks on Doors (Part 2)

Conrad Mast is Field Service Technician for ProVia

By Conrad Mast

In the first of this two-part series on door installation, we covered a lot of technical tips that can help ensure that doors work properly, and prevent callbacks from homeowners. (If you missed it, you can check out Part 1 here.) Here in Part 2, we asked Conrad Mast, one of ProVia’s Field Service experts for doors, to share some insights about the education process with customers, and why being proactive is so important to ensuring homeowner satisfaction.

How can we proactively make sure homeowners are delighted with their door installations?

This really begins with the sales process. The best way to ensure customer satisfaction is to specify the right door solution in the first place. When you arrive to provide an estimate, take a look at the entire landscape of the homeowner’s situation. Of course you’ll listen to their needs and desires, but also analyze things like environmental exposures. For example, you may have a particular house that sits on top of a high hill, it’s facing southwest, and its exposure is extreme. In a situation like this, with the best interests of the customer in mind, the salesperson should tell the homeowner they might want to consider adding a storm door. By bringing this into the conversation early, what happens is the homeowner is usually impressed that you’re taking their individual needs into account. That’s a level of expertise they don’t have, and they value it. That’s why you’re there – to be the experienced expert! Being proactive early in the process ensures that the best door solution is in place that will perform to the customer’s expectations.

How does it impact referrals when homeowners aren’t happy with their door installation?

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