Insider Tips for Good Design

Lynn Angle is Graphic Design Manager for ProVia

By Lynn Angle

When it comes to doors, windows, siding and stone, are you picky about design? We are too! At ProVia we care about every detail in the design of our products, and we carefully craft them to deliver lasting beauty for the home. In my corner of the ProVia world, I work with our team to make sure the graphic design we use – in everything from brochures to our website – not only looks good, but also communicates as effectively as possible. Again, it’s form AND function. We often get questions from our dealers about how to incorporate good design practices for their own businesses, so here I’ll share some of the insider tips we use every day.

1. Less is More

In the story of your company and its products, there’s soooo much to tell. So why not squeeze as much information as possible into a brochure or an ad? Remember, one of the most important jobs with your marketing is to help people find and learn information about you. And when the page is densely crammed with words and pictures, readers have to work hard to sort through all that stuff to find out what’s important to them.


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Why Dealers & Distributors Should Want Some POD

Cindy Miller is Brand Manager for ProVia

By: Cindy Miller

ProVia recently launched ProLeads Plus™, an online portal that allows our dealers & distributors to order Print-On-Demand (that’s where the POD comes in) ProVia marketing materials. Now you can minimize the time and expense of research, copywriting, design, layouts, and proofing. Why not let us take care of this stuff, so you don’t have to! The program includes direct mail campaigns, promotional materials, and display merchandising—all customized with your own messages, logos and individual contact information.

ProVia dealers & distributors can access these pre-loaded


marketing materials through a simple sign-on portal, add your own messaging, order desired quantities, upload a prospect mailing list and send it to be mailed, all in one easy session. Because it’s a web-based solution, dealers & distributors can access the application without having special software installed on your own computers. Our goal with this program is to make it easier for our dealers & distributors to communicate more frequently, and more efficiently, with your customers. Today’s homeowners, now more than ever, want to be aware of options and educated before making big decisions and investments for their homes. Marketing materials on ProLeads Plus cover the full spectrum of ProVia products, including doors, windows, siding and manufactured stone. Contact your Account Manager for a test drive and we’ll help you get started!



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