Sun and Brains – Tapping into the Power

Larry Troyer is CFO for ProVia

By Larry Troyer

Being in the business of making energy-efficient doors, windows and vinyl siding, we ask ourselves: is there more we can do to conserve earth’s natural resources?

Earth’s Bounty of Natural Energy

I’m told that enough sunlight falls on the earth every minute to meet the entire planet’s energy demands for an entire year. God gave us the sun and the wind, and the brains to harness them. So much clean, powerful energy, all around us! Yet, as a global community, we’re barely tapping into these resources. At ProVia, we decided to put our heads together with a company named Paradise Energy Solutions to figure out what kind of technology could help us to tap into the power of the sun.

Solar Panels atop ProVia's Facilities

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5 Secrets of Great Customer Service

Lonnie Hershberger is Customer Service Manager for ProVia

By Lonnie Hershberger

Happy Customer Service Day! That’s right, January 17th is the day designated for honoring customer service reps everywhere, and we certainly appreciate our hard-working team here at ProVia. This is also an opportunity to spend a few moments reflecting on how we can make customer service the best it can be. We find it’s essential to have the right people in place, and we cultivate and support certain characteristics in them. Here’s our checklist of what we look for from our customer service staff:

1. Honesty is crucial in developing a relationship of trust with customers. Communication done with honesty builds a foundation of reliability. This creates belief with customers, knowing they’ll receive the necessary information and direction to help them. Delivering good news, or sometimes bad news, to customers with honesty builds a great relationship. Customers learn they can trust the message received, and know we’re working with integrity on their behalf.

2. Dependability means that we do what we say we’ll do and can be counted on in all situations. Answering calls promptly, following through on situations, returning calls in a timely manner, providing quotes on time, accurately processing orders and diligently helping customers configure difficult units are a few examples of dependability. Reps with this attribute also take ownership of situations that they’re working on. Responsibility or blame is not assigned to others; each rep manages their own requests from start to finish.

3. Knowledgeable means that we expertly assist customers with requests for information. Knowledgeable reps don’t always know all of the information, but know where to find it in an efficient manner. We are always striving to learn as much as possible about the products we support. This trait is also important within a team because it helps ensure that the same message is being delivered by all members of the team.

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