Why We Do It The Professional Way

Brian Miller is President of ProVia

By Brian Miller As we start an effort to communicate more effectively via this blog and other means, we wanted to begin by talking a bit about our culture at ProVia. By now you may have seen it. On our website, brochures, packaging, displays…it’s everywhere! But what does it mean – The Professional Way? Serving by Caring The Professional Way is the soul and inspiration of ProVia’s business. More than anything, it stands for Serving. While this may sound simple, serving is rich and rewarding. And it runs deep. We have a mission statement that says “To serve, by caring for details in ways others won’t.” What makes this different? The Professional Way is characterized by caring about the people we serve. This means we go the extra mile, beyond what might be expected in doing things “the ordinary way.” While we work hard to deliver best-in-class products, the concept of The Professional Way goes well beyond this. Serving by caring drives us to go above and beyond in every contact with customers, with employees, and in our community. I’ll share an example. On at least one occasion Tim Henderson, our door & window Account Manager for western Ohio, has learned that products wouldn’t be delivered within the timeframe that our customer needed them. This may have been due to production delays or tight construction timelines. Without being asked, Tim has driven to Sugarcreek, picked up the product and delivered it to the customer. Now that’s a ProVia employee serving by caring! Each one of us in the ProVia family feels The Professional Way to their very core.  We share it with our partners too. It’s more than just a way of doing business, it’s how we live.



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