Shining Our Light in Romania

Bill Mullet is Founder and CEO of ProVia

By Bill Mullet

Recently 18 ProVia employees traveled to Bacau, Romania to participate in a very special mission – building homes for those in need with the Habitat for Humanity organization. It was a mind-opening and heart-warming experience for all, and here we share some candid stories from this “adventure with a purpose.”

I have a thing for Romania. My relationship with this European country goes way back to 1995-96 when I served there as the Director of a teaching ministry program, and also as the Director of an orphanage. During this time I really did learn to love the Romanian people. They’re very warm and delightful, and we fell in love with them.

Bill Mullet working at the Habitat for Humanity Romania job site.

The Romanian people have lots of needs, and in particular the very poor in the countryside have a huge need for basic housing. Habitat for Humanity Romania targeted a very specific population, the people who have a job and can actually pay for a house but have a difficult time coming up with a down payment that would enable them to improve their housing situation. One of the people receiving a house we built is a night manager at McDonald’s, which is considered a very good job.

Another requirement for the home recipients is they have to personally volunteer their own labor in building the group of homes for that particular project. Each family has to work 1,000 hours, and not just on their own home, they have to work on everyone else’s as well.

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4 Ways You’re Like Family To Us

If you’re a ProVia dealer, who do you see on a regular basis, more than anyone else in our company? Your delivery driver! In my role as Director of Distribution, I hear so many stories that tell me a lot about the relationships these drivers have with our customers. The bonds they’ve created become more like family, that’s how tight-knit they are. So I thought you might enjoy a few anecdotes that show what it’s like to be part of the ProVia family.

1. Down (But Not Out) in New York

One week our New York driver was headed out to Long Island when his truck broke down. Now the normal thing to do would’ve been to wait inside the dealership until the repairs were completed. But this driver wouldn’t take waiting as an answer. He took it upon himself to go out and rent a U-Haul truck, he brought it to the dealership, and then unloaded all the ProVia products from the truck into the rental vehicle so he could make his deliveries on time. Keep in mind, these are windows and doors we’re talking about, so they’re big and heavy for one man to lug around! When the loading was complete he promptly hit the road and delivered our products. That’s taking care of the customer.

2. Calling With Concern

Every once in a while we have a situation where a driver needs to take an extended leave, sometimes for personal, or medical reasons. When customers hear about this, immediately they start calling in. They want to see how he’s doing, check in for updates, and they can’t wait for him to come back to their route. In my entire career I’ve never seen anything like it, the amount of customers who call in with concern for the well being of their drivers. That’s a relationship that’s just like family.

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