Best Replacement Patio Doors Offer Many Custom Design Options

When it comes to buying a replacement patio door, there’s much more to the decision than choosing between a sliding glass door or a hinged patio door. Buying a new, custom patio door offers the opportunity to address a variety of functionality and aesthetic issues that improve a family’s use and enjoyment from their patio door, such as energy efficiency, ease of use, configuration, size, materials and finish.

Because ProVia specializes in high-quality custom exterior building products, including sliding glass and hinged patio doors or French doors, homeowners are able to select from a wide number of door styles, sizes and options, like custom glass and internal blinds, to find the best replacement patio door for their home.

Patio Door Configuration and Size

Patio doors are typically recognized as multi-panel doors consisting of two or more glass panels, with one door sliding or swinging, or, in the case of French patio doors, both doors swinging. ProVia offers additional custom options for its sliding glass and hinged patio door configurations, including three- and four-panel doors, with either the right, left or center doors swinging or sliding. In addition to traditional French patio doors, ProVia also offers unequal French doors, with a single larger door with a door handle and a second smaller door that can be opened for full access.

Buying a custom replacement patio door also means being able to choose the best size to fit an existing space or a redesigned entryway. All of ProVia’s sliding glass and hinged patio doors are available in standard sizes as well as custom widths and heights in 1/8” increments.


Homeowners are probably most familiar with the traditional white vinyl sliding glass patio door. But, there are additional options for patio door materials that enable homeowners to turn their sliding glass or hinged patio door into a design feature. ProVia Designer™ hinged patio doors are available in the same solid construction as the company’s Signet® and Heritage™ fiberglass entry doors, or Legacy™ woodgrain textured or smooth 20-gauge steel entry doors. French patio doors are available in fiberglass or steel, while unequal French doors are offered only in smooth steel.


Aeris Patio Door

ProVia’s Aeris™ sliding patio doors offer a crisp, maintenance-free vinyl exterior and luxurious pre-finished real wood interior in oak, cherry or maple.

ProVia’s newest entrants to the custom replacement patio door market, the Endure™ and Aspect™ offer significant value in an all-vinyl sliding glass door, with quality, durability and energy savings.

The Endure™ vinyl sliding glass patio door delivers the best energy efficiency and meets the most stringent industry standards for storm protection, ease of entry and forced entry.

The Aspect sliding glass patio door’s standard features are simplified to include what matters most in a replacement patio door -- greater thermal efficiency, durability against wind and air infiltration, smooth and quiet operation, and security from forced entry.

Patio Door Finishes

Choosing to buy a custom patio door affords homeowners the opportunity to select patio door finishes and colors that complement their design aesthetic.

Each of ProVia’s four patio doors offers a number of interior and exterior color and finish options:

Glass Options

Homeowners can really make their custom, replacement patio door stand out with the selection of an Inspirations™ Art Glass design to add hand-stained glass to their door. Choose between 11 Inspirations Art Glass designs and five color palettes to create a stunning custom patio door. ProVia’s Aeris and Endure sliding glass patio doors and the Designer series of hinged patio doors are all available with Inspirations Art Glass.

Depending on the door selected, additional glass options for patio doors include:

Patio door options

Patio Door with Inspirations Art GlassHarmony patio door (Caribbean palette)

Internal BlindsPatio door internal blinds

Patio grid optionsPatio door internal grid options



Energy Efficiency

When selecting a new patio door, aesthetics, durability and ease of use are likely at the top of the list for most homeowners. But, for anyone that’s experienced a cold draft as they walked past their patio door, energy efficiency also is a big consideration.

All of ProVia’s patio doors are available with highly energy-efficient ComforTech™ glass that qualifies these doors as being ENERGY STAR certified. Choose from DLA-UV (R-value of 4), TLA-UV (R-value of 6) or TLK-UV (R-value of 9) for maximum energy efficiency.

Additionally, the Endure all-vinyl sliding glass patio doors feature Neopor® insulated, multi-chamber vinyl profiles with 5-3⁄8” frame depth that provide greater thermal efficiency and increased sound abatement.

In addition to saving homeowners on their heating and cooling bills, ProVia sliding glass and hinged patio doors are constructed with a “Super Spacer” that protects the Argon or Krypton gas insulating chambers and prevents condensation from ever accumulating between the glass panes.

Comfortech Glass Options

Just as your home’s entry door provides a peak into the design aesthetic of your home and family, a replacement patio door from ProVia can be customized to create visual interest to the back of your home.