Investment in exterior door facility generates award-winning improvements in innovation, quality and efficiency

One question that occasionally pops up is how ProVia can consistently deliver the best built entry door in the business.

We credit our commitment to customer satisfaction, our outstanding distributor network and our experienced and dedicated staff, but industry publication Window & Door has pinpointed another factor that sets ProVia apart: our manufacturing process.

In fact, the publication was so impressed that it named ProVia as the 2016 recipient of its Crystal Achievement Award for Most Innovative Manufacturing Process.

In its August 2016 issue, Window & Door said its judges unanimously selected ProVia as the manufacturer that most clearly and consistently employs a “unique approach that increases efficiency, decreases waste, improves quality, and applies advanced technologies/methodologies”.

The award was based on our Smart Conveyor System, the third and final phase of the plant expansion that we began in 2013. The system, which transports all ProVia fiberglass and steel entry doors, including Embarq, Signet, Heritage and Legacy doors, uses an overhead conveyor to move entry doors from one assembly station to another. The automatic system provides important advantages like:

  • Quality – since the doors aren’t transported on carts, there’s a lower chance of dents and scratches
  • On-time delivery – an RFID chip in each carrier ensures every door gets through the plant in the most efficient manner possible, allowing us to maintain our commitment to delivering most doors within two weeks
  • Increased production capacity – the conveying system’s efficiency has doubled throughput and allows for further capacity increases in the future, which is particularly important as ProVia’s sales continue to grow
  • Doors are not mass produced – despite the additional automation, we still craft each door to the homeowner’s customized request

Window & Door quoted one judge who predicted our system would eventually be emulated throughout the industry: “The automated robotic nature of moving doors under assembly from workstation to workstation and tracking them with RFID chips is a process that all manufacturers may ultimately be adopting not only for doors but for other fenestration products. The efficiency of the operation, reduction in product damage and manpower savings in the long run should be substantial.”

Workforce benefits come in a variety of areas, including ergonomic advantages for our employees who no longer have to lift and transport doors manually.

The investment in our facility expansion and the Smart Conveyor System was worth the increases in product quality and customer satisfaction that build on the reputation for having the best built entry doors, but the Crystal Achievement Award adds a level of recognition that validates our hard work and commitment.