Full Wood Door Frames

Full Wood Frame

Redi-Flex Adustable Steel Frame

  • Available In Custom Frame Depths
  • 20-Gauge Steel Security Plate at Strike Area
  • Endgrain is Treated with Pineguard



Frame Cladding OptionComposite Frame Option

Our Composite door frame system option combines all the strength and convenience of wood with enhanced properties that make it moisture and insect resistant. Composite frame will not absorb or wick moisture and will never rot or splinter.

  • Smooth white finish (inside frame rabbet is painted to match
    inside door color)
  • Standard 4916" frame depth
  • Available for steel or fiberglass doors
  • Available for Single doors, French doors, Sidelites and Rectangle Transoms
  • Standard Brickmold, Brickmold with Nailing Fin, 312" Flat Brickmold, 512" Flat or Custom Width Flat Brickmold up to 538"†
  • Frame Extensions from 434" up to 12916"
  • Custom Mullion Build-Up between door and sidelite†

Frame Cladding OptionFrame Cladding Option

  • PVC Coated Aluminum Cladding
  • Match Most of Our Paint Colors
  • Pre-Fitted for Custom Frame Depths
  • Completely Maintenance Free Exterior
  • No Follow-Up Painting is Required

Full Wood Frame

Rough Opening Sizes Entry System Type
20-Gauge Steel
SD1-100 Level 1
20-Gauge Steel
Standard Duty
20-Gauge Steel
Light Duty
Standard Duty
Light Duty
36" x 80" Single Door Width x Height N/A  38" x 82" 38" x 82" 38" x 82" 38" x 82"
72" x 80" French Door Width x Height N/A  741⁄2" x 82" 75" x 82" 741⁄2" x 82" 75" x 82"
36" x 80" With One 12" Sidelite
Combo Door Width x Height
N/A 52" x 82" 52" x 82" 52" x 82" 52" x 82"